Fugitive Arrested; Step-Daughter Wonders What Happened

Fugitive Arrested; Step-Daughter Wonders What Happened
By: Ryan Tate
McCracken County, KY - Amanda Thurmond wonders what happened to 44 year old Billy McGee. Thurmond is McGee's step-daughter, but Amanda considers him her dad.
The last time she spoke with McGee was back in November of 2004. But she saw him again two weeks ago, when Heartland News began reporting about a manhunt near Beaumont, Texas.
"I was eating Cheerios in the morning and could not believe what I was seeing," Thurmond said.
McGee, the man who basically raised her and her sister, was wanted in Cape Girardeau for allegedly operating a meth lab and was wanted in Texas on a number of things, which includes allegedly shooting at police.
"I don't know what he was thinking. My sister and I meant so much to him. I don't even know this man anymore," Thurmond said.
McCracken County deputies found McGee Tuesday morning at the River City Mission. McGee had been there since Thursday, when he allegedly stole a Jeep in Texas and drove back to the Heartland.
"He seemed very quiet and kept to himself and bought him some medicine because he seemed to be in a lot of pain," Buddy Hicks of the River City Mission said.
Thurmond says she plans on visiting McGee in the McCracken County Jail, before McGee gets extradited back to Texas. She plans on telling McGee she is three months pregnant, and McGee will be a grandfather.