Study: Millions still waiting to file taxes

Survey: 20 percent of Americans to wait until last minute to file taxes

(KFVS) - Have you filed your taxes yet?

If you said no, you're not alone.

In fact, a new survey released by SOASTA showed 68 million Americans have yet to file their taxes.

Furthermore, 21 percent of Americans plan on waiting until the last minute to file.

The problem, though, according to SOASTA, those who are waiting to file are worried about websites having problems on tax day.

The survey showed, 46 percent of those asked were nervous the website might crash, meaning their personal information could be made vulnerable.

According to tax experts, the longer you wait to file, the more opportunity someone else has to file a return in your name, making you more vulnerable to tax fraud.

SOASTA does point out that there will certainly be a spike in online tax website traffic on tax day.

The good news, though, most tech savvy businesses have taken steps to make sure their websites and mobile apps are tested regularly.

SOASTA also found that of those that have not filed online yet, 20 percent say they will do some online shopping while preparing their taxes.

This survey asked 2,035 adults, among which 1,780 plan to file 2015 taxes, and 1,006 people have not yet filed their 2015 taxes.

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