MO lawmakers receiving backlash for proposed religious freedom bill

MO lawmakers receiving backlash for proposed religious freedom bill

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The measure being debated right now would ask voters to protect certain individuals and businesses who cite religious beliefs in order to refuse service to same-sex couples.

So, what do future business owners and customers think about this kind of a move?

"It'll cause more issues than needed be," one freshman said.

"I feel as if it's not fair because how are you going to reject somebody because they're different," senior Anjelica Payne said.

That's the common response when we asked Southeast Missouri State University students their feelings on the religious freedom bill.

"Me as identifying as a transgender individual I think that limits my space and my areas that I feel comfortable," junior Jayson Thompson said.

Many businesses across Missouri agree.

Dozens of large and small companies are publicly opposing the bill, with some pledging to cancel big events and conferences in the Show-Me State if it passes.

Legislators who support the bill, meantime, say it protects the first amendment rights of business owners.

After the Supreme Court ruled bans on gay marriage unconstitutional, many students question why this bill's even being debated.

"It pass federally so to have this bill make it to the house it's kind of surprising," one student said. "It's a little shocking and disturbing that it would even get that far."

"I'm more disappointed at the fact that we have to have this conversation more than anything," senior Robert Turner said.

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