Study: MO sees more texting and driving than states with bans

Study: Driving and texting bans work

MISSOURI (KFVS) - Do laws need to be in place to keep people from texting and driving?

According to data released as a part of its "It Can Wait" campaign, AT&T found states that have statewide anti-texting laws have lower rates of texting while driving.

The study found states without a ban, including Missouri, have a roughly 17 percent higher rate of texting while driving compared to the 46 states with a statewide ban.

AT&T says this gives some insight into what drivers are actually doing.

Research released by AT&T in 2015 showed while over 90 percent of drivers say they know texting while driving and distracted driving is dangerous, 71 percent continue to use their smartphone behind the wheel.

Missouri, Texas, Arizona and Montana are the only four states without a statewide texting and driving ban.

In Missouri, lawmakers have attempted to pass legislation on it in years past.

Right now, House Bill 1671 is the only legislation making any movement. On March 29, lawmakers voted do pass.

With or without a ban, Cape Girardeau police say put your phone down and keep your eyes on the road.

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