East Prairie HS students elect influential students for prom king, queen

East Prairie HS students elect influential students for prom king, queen

The prom king and queen of East Prairie High School had a royal experience at their very first prom.

Students chose two remarkable classmates who they say inspire them every day.

Baileigh Story and Seth O'Guin had never even been to prom before this past weekend, but it was the end of a remarkable high school journey for both of them.

Baileigh said she had a great time at the prom and even hit the dance floor.

" 'Whip, Whip, watch me nae nae'," she sang when asked what dance she did.

"She's really friendly all school year, all the years," Seth said.

Classmates said Baileigh is a bright spot in their high school class and never lets her down syndrome hold her back.

Baileigh said she felt just like a prom queen and described the experience as "awesome"

"We all love Baliegh, you know, Baileigh is so sweet," student body president Austin Hodges said.

For Seth, this is just the latest step in his recovery from a very serious car accident.

"It was pretty bad head-on and then I was in the hospital for two months and then surgery three Sundays ago," Seth said. "I got to go to St. Louis tomorrow."

"He's never complained about anything, I don't think there's a better choice," Hodges said.

Andrea Sanders, a teacher at East Prairie High School, said the two won by a landslide.

"When we were counting the votes it was very obvious winners there was majority by far for Seth and Baileigh," she said.

"I mean, it was a good supportive way for these kids to show that 'hey, we're rooting for you, we're here for you, we love you and we're behind you guys 100 percent.' "

The two prom winners were thankful for the experience given by their classmates and are excited for graduation in the coming weeks.

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