Helpful steps you need to prepare for spring storms season

Preparing for spring storm damage

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - We are in the middle of the spring storm season, so you never know when that weather could make it to Heartland.

"I [am] just looking at the damage kind of going where do I begin?" storm victim Tim Tailor said.

That's the feeling most would have after hail ruined your home.

Jessica Keen is an American Family insurance agent in Jackson and said she sees situations like this all too often.

"It absolutely made me cringe," Keen said. "I realized that there is going to be people misplaced from their homes and from a claims standpoint it absolutely saddens me for the customer."

So, being in the middle of the spring storm season, how can you be prepared?

  • Keep an inventory list – documenting all your valuables and how much they cost.
  • Take Pictures and Prevent further loss – after strong storms hit, it's best not to allow matters to get worse
  • And finally, know your policy

"Make sure you've done an annual policy insurance review with your agent," Keen said. "That's where you go over the coverages, understand what your deductibles, but also in an insurance review they should be telling you in the event of a claim, these are the practices I want you to follow."

Another thing to look out for is hiring unlicensed contractors.

Keen said they can do as much damage as the storm itself.

"Calm down don't make any impulse decision," she said. "Make sure you always talk over with your agent before you make any decisions."

As far as Texas, officials estimate more than one billion dollars in damages and is expected to take weeks to assess.

If you have any additional questions, contact Jessica Keen at 573-243-6377 or

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