PINK UP: Sen. McCaskill uses breast cancer as reminder politicians aren't invincible

PINK UP: Sen. McCaskill uses breast cancer as reminder politicians aren't invincible

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill is back to work after taking breast cancer head on.

It has been only two months since she announced the "scary" diagnosis on social media.

For Sen. McCaskill, the whole ordeal served as a reminder that not even politicians are invincible.

"It certainly helped me because it reminded me what was really important," McCaskill said. "...I'm much more focused on my family and making sure I take care of myself and all the people that I love."

McCaskill said thousands of people reached out to her, even strangers, to wish her well.

She called the support reassuring.

"Just when all of the presidential politics was getting so ugly and people were punching people in the face and people were calling each other names," McCaskill said. "Meanwhile even the haters on my twitter feed were being nice and kind to me and offering me support and lifting me up. So it reassured me that all is not lost, that there is still a lot of love and kindness out there and I am very grateful for all of it."

The good news: McCaskill says her prognosis is good.

McCaskill said spent only three weeks in St. Louis to receive treatment, including surgery to remove a lump and surrounding tissue.

"It was caught very early," McCaskill said. "And the treatment was terrific in terms of what they could do how fast they could do it."

She returned to work not long after.

She visited Cape Girardeau earlier this month to tackle the cost of college in Missouri.

McCaskill says not even breast cancer can keep her down.

"I'm going to be around to hopefully be outspoken for many issues for a long time to come," McCaskill said.

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