Cash-strapped Illinois ranks #10 on national tax burden list

Cash-strapped Illinois ranks #10 on national tax burden list
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CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - There's only one week left before you have to pay Uncle Sam. Tax Day is Monday, April 18.

Depending on where you live - you may be dolling out more of your paycheck in taxes than people in other states.

Finance website Wallet Hub broke down the numbers state by state to see who has the biggest "tax burden."
Wallet Hub added together property tax, income tax, and sales tax to learn just how big of a bite all those taxes take out of the average paycheck.

The state of New York ranks number 1 on Wallet Hub's Highest Tax Burden list. Taxpayers in that state contribute 13.12 percent of their overall pay in taxes.

Illinois made the list's top 10. According to Wallet Hub, Illinois residents doll out approximately 10.19 percent of their paychecks for income, sales and property taxes.

"They're definitely outrageous," said Stephen Roberts of Murphysboro, Illinois. "People are leaving Illinois and going to other states because property taxes are high, sales tax is high – we're taxed to death in Illinois."

Of other Heartland states, Arkansas residents shoulder the highest tax burden. The state ranked 19 on Wallet Hub's list, and the group says Arkansas residents can count on paying out 9.09 percent.

Wallet Hub's report states residents in number 26 Kentucky pay 8.70 percent, and even less - 7.90 percent in Missouri, which ranked 37.

The study found Tennessee residents shoulder one of the smallest tax burdens in the nation. The volunteer state ranked 48 out of 50, with taxpayers, on average, dolling out 6.56 percent of total personal income in the state.

To review the Wallet Hub report - Click here.

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