MO lawmakers push for more concussion education for parents

MO lawmakers consider law for youth sports concussion prevention

MISSOURI (KFVS) - Missouri lawmakers will consider a concussion bill aimed at making children safer and parents smarter on Monday.

The proposed changes would expand current regulations to educate parents about sports brain injury prevention.

Currently, only parents of kids who play on school teams are required by law to know the risks associated with the sport.

The law requires the school must distribute concussion information that has to be signed by a parent or guardian, before their kid can ever take the field.

However, if lawmakers have their way, this concussion law would be expanded to include kids under the age of 7, to parks and rec associations and non profit club teams.

Supporters of the bill say it's important to protect the kids that play within these other leagues.

The goal would be to make signs and symptoms of concussions more common knowledge so that student athletes can get medical attention before it's too late.
So far, there has been no opposition to this bill.

The legislation has slowly been making it's way through the Missouri house.

On Monday, lawmakers will consider any changes to the wording of the bill before it can goes to the senate for consideration.

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