Heartland residents give behind-the-scenes look at Masters golf tournament

Local man details connection to Masters

(KFVS) - For golf enthusiasts, the Masters tournament is like the Super Bowl.

Some people from the Heartland have a special connection with Augusta, Georgia, and the golf course it's famous for.

Cape Girardeau Attorney Brandon Cooper, like many golf fans, has his eyes glued to coverage of the Masters.

"Anytime you're looking around, you're picking your jaw up from the ground, like 'oh my gosh look at that, oh my gosh look at this'."

Chris Girtman has a special insight to Augusta, after living in the small Georgia town that hosts the biggest golf tournament on earth.

"It was crazy because when the Masters is not going on, Augusta is very similar to Cape," Girtman said. "The majority of people that live there base their year around the Masters, whether they are actually going to be a participant, or be an observer, or leave town... especially if you are going to leave, because a lot of people leave town." 

When the Masters is going on, grass isn't the only thing that's green.

"The ones leaving will rent out their houses, they'll rent out their apartments, and believe it or not people will pay $1,000 for two weeks to live in someone else's house, and while you're on vacation away from Augusta you're making money," Girtman said.

It's an event the entire town plans around.

"There's no school, because it would be impossible to get the buses around the town," Girtman said. "A lot of people will shop ahead of time and get their groceries or whatever so they don't have to leave their house."

The course is extremely private, with no cell phones allowed.

"If you try to get through security you're gone for good," Cooper said.

But at the end of the day, players, and especially patrons, describe the course as golf heaven.

"I want to see the best players in the world at the best course in the world and they did not disappoint," Cooper said.

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