City, county leaders ask for public's help curbing Sikeston gun violence

MO city, county leaders ask public's help in curbing gun violence

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - The police need your help after a spike in gun violence in one Heartland community.

Leaders there are trying to tag team the violence in Sikeston by getting the public involved. Without your help, they believe these criminals will remain on the streets.

"We walk in the community; and if we can't walk, that means we are not safe," said Sikeston resident Garrett Harrell.

Father of three, Harrell said he's concerned about what's happening in Sikeston.

"The shootings and the disrespect to the lawman," he said.

He said he wishes he could do more than pray for the community's safety.

Sikeston DPS said he can.

Chief Drew Juden, along with New Madrid Prosecutor Andrew Lawson and Scott County Prosecutor Paul Boyd, are calling on you to help them solve these crimes.

"We are reaching out to the community through this spike to say, 'please help us, and help yourselves get our streets safer,'" Boyd said.

He said they need more people to call in tips in order to prosecute the criminals who continue to illegally use guns in Sikeston.

"When it comes down to the illegal use of it, to shoot at other people, to endanger other citizens, to use it to protect your criminal activity, we are just not going to play," he said.

Boyd said more tips equals stronger cases against suspects.

"We wanted to bring to the attention of the people so that they know what we are trying to do," said Boyd.

Police say you can leave these tips anonymously.

They say your information will not be shared with anyone.

In some cases, they say they will even pay for good information.

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