Does It Work: MicroTouch Max

Does It Work: MicroTouch Max

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - Some men have more hair than others, and many find it is a constant battle to keep unwanted hair under control.

The makers of a product called MicroTouch Max claim their mini trimmer can help you get your groom back, but does it work?

We asked Robert Tripp of Jackson, Missouri to help us test the MicroTouch Max. Tripp says he tries to look his best, but that involves lots of trimming

"I have hair all around my ears, my eyebrows get bushy, and I have a goatee," said Tripp. "I do a lot of trimming in the morning."

Tripp hoped MicroTouch Max would help him clean up those problem spots as well as the hairs on the back of his neck more easily than his other trimmers.

MicroTouch Max uses one AAA battery and comes with two comb attachments that allow for the trimming of different hair lengths.

Tripp decided to try MicroTouch Max first without an attachment to remove the hair on the delicate skin around his ears.

"It feels like it's doing its job," said Tripp. "I like the light. I can actually see what I'm doing."

When Tripp trimmed the hair on the back of his neck he said MicroTouch Max did its job.

"I can feel it cutting," said Tripp.

Next, Tripp put on one of the attachments to trim his goatee.

"Again the light is really helping me," said Tripp. "I can see what I'm getting at."

Trip said the courser hair of his goatee gave the little groomer some trouble.

"It could use a little more power," said Tripp. "We put a new battery in this thing and it seemed like at some points it would have power, and then all the sudden lose it."

Tripp had already trimmed his eyebrows for the day before our cameras arrived so we had to bring in a set of stunt brows belonging to KFVS photographer Bill Allen to test the trimmer.

Allen's brows also proved to be a bit taxing on the MicroTouch Max.

"It needs more power," said Allen.

Tripp said he liked the MicroTouch Max for some applications, but said it probably won't replace his other trimmers entirely.

"If you're just going to do light things like behind the ears, or the back of the neck where there's not a lot of hair, or doesn't have the fullness of a beard or goatee it would probably do the trick for light stuff," said Tripp. "For full stuff it didn't have the power to get it done."

Tripp have MicroTouch Max 3.5 stars on this Does It Work test.

We purchased the MicroTouch Max for this test on for $11.99.

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