Heartland college students react to proposed bill to allow CCW on campus

Heartland college students react to proposed bill to allow CCW on campus

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - Should students be allowed to conceal and carry a gun on college campuses? It's a question that's sparking debate in the Heartland.

"It feels like it would make the campus safer," Three Rivers Community College student Kelly Hayden said.

"It makes me uneasy," Three Rivers Community College student Jasmine Harris said.

A proposed Missouri bill would lift the gun ban at public colleges and universities for legal permit holders. Many college students in Poplar Bluff say carrying a gun would make them feel safer on campus.

"There's always that chance. You hear about it all the time," student Rebecca Cato said.

With stories of college campus killings still fresh on the mind, some students are wishing for more freedom to protect themselves with deadly force.

"[Right now,] shut and lock the door, that's about all we can do," student Susan Silkwood said.

"It would be awesome. I'd feel much safer," student Kevin Warren said.

A Missouri House committee has passed a bill that would allow concealed guns on college campuses for people with legal CCW permits.

However, not every student at Three Rivers Community College is sold on the idea.

"It has its good points but it also has its drawbacks," freshman Jasmine Harris said.

Harris said she'd be worried that the guns might end up in the wrong person's hands, at the wrong time.

"Some people may have anger management issues and then could, like, see something that is not what it seems and then be on the fence, and then things just end up badly," Harris said

The bill's sponsor has said, if this measure passes, there are still some restrictions. Such as, guns would still not be allowed in residence halls.

The director of the Council on Public Higher Education has voiced his opposition to this bill.

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