9 tips to motivate you towards your fitness goals

9 tips to motivate you towards your fitness goals

(KFVS) - Is it sometimes hard to get motivated to get into the gym?

Fitness trainer Tamatha Crowson says motivation is more of a mental game.

She shares her top tips to get moving toward your fitness goals.

Crowson’s top 9 tips towards motivation:

1.    Do something temporary.

"Pick something that you can take a part in that's got a start date and a finish date then it's not quite so overwhelming," Crowson said. "I do some boot camps that are 6 to 3 weeks courses.  It's great for all levels."

2.    Enlist a partner and a friend to help provide accountability.

"There are some great facebook groups out there," Crowson said. "There's one out of Jackson called 'No excuse moms.' It's a great group of ladies who meet regularly."

3.    Do assessments.

"If your goal is weight loss, you can have your body fat taken," Crowson said.  "You can also take your measurements."

4.     Write down all of your 'whys.'

"Why do you want to do whatever it is your doing?" Crowson said. "Take weight loss for example.  People have different reason to want to lose weight.  It could be health.  It could be appearance. It could be self-esteem. So when you put it on paper, it just sometimes puts it in your brain."

5.    Change your goals.

"If you've really been focused on weight loss for a long time and it's just not happening, maybe it's time to focus on something like you cholesterol level or your blood pressure," Crowson said.  "This can be kind of a way to trick your brain to making you think what you want to do, but for a different reason."

6.    Enter an event.

"There's lots of things especially this time of year," Crowson said. "There's 5ks. There's a mud and obstacle run.  They're great for all levels and contrary to popular belief these things are not about winning.  They're about finishing."

7.    Hire somebody to help.

"It could be just the fact that you're spending money on something," Crowson said. "When you make an investment, you kind of feel compelled to maintain your progress."

8.    Take pictures.

"This is not something you want to look at every day," Crowson said. "Take a picture of yourself and then two to three weeks later take another one.  Seeing those changes in your body can be really motivating."

9.    Just start doing something.

"A lot of people just wait until they feel that urge to do it, but sometimes urge comes with the doing," Crowson said.

If you have a question for Tamatha, send a message to Amanda Hanson's Facebook page or send her an e-mail.

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