Cape Girardeau physician files for Missouri’s 8th Congressional Seat

Cape Girardeau physician files for Missouri’s 8th Congressional Seat

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KFVS) - Citing a desire to cut government spending and increase accountability, Dr. Hal Brown of Cape Girardeau, filed for the position of United States Representative for Missouri's 8th Congressional District on Friday, March 18.

Brown says that he differs greatly from the current incumbent. "I would have used Congress' constitutional power of the purse to force changes to the Obama administration's current policies. We should have stopped the president's illegal push for amnesty. Obamacare should have been defunded and replaced and I would have forced the issue guaranteeing that we would not bring in Syrian refugees and would have defunded the horrible deal with Iran giving them $150 billion which could easily end up in the hands of terrorists," said Brown.

The Cape Girardeau physician claims that government spending is our primary existential threat.

Dr. Brown said that he looks forward to a spirited campaign. "We have huge problems facing our nation. However, the people I will represent in the 8th Congressional District and Americans throughout our land have never failed to meet a challenge, and we will not fail now. With the right leadership, there is no problem we cannot erase."

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