11 year old organizes fundraiser to help twins with muscular dystrophy

11 year old organizes fundraiser to help twins with muscular dystrophy

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - It's an amazing story of 7-year-old twin sisters, Havyn and Hadly Noto, who are living with muscular dystrophy.

The twins live in Carterville, Illinois and have had an outpouring of support from their community during their struggle with the disorder that effects their muscle development and will eventually effect their organs.

On Thursday March 31 at 2:30 p.m., students at the Giant City School in Carbondale, Ill. presented a check the Noto family for $1,197  to go toward wheel chairs for the girls.

The twin's mother, April Noto, is a special education teacher at the Giant City School.

"God, has showed us how many caring people we have in this world," Noto said. "The 5th grade class has really helped us."

The idea for the fundraiser came from an 11-year-old's school project. Students are given time for what's called "Genius Hour" to research a cause that they're passionate about. 5th grader Kate researched muscular dystrophy and started the fundraiser by donating her birthday money.

"And it made me really sad that two girls that are so young wouldn’t be able to walk very easily," Kate said. 

“So, I really wanted to help. And I gave my birthday money," Kate said. "And I thought if I can donate everybody else can too.”

Other students from Ms. Yvonne Winding's 5th grade class began helping too. The students drew posters in support for the twins and collected money to benefit the girls.

The two girls and their family have received tremendous support from members of their community, most recently including a transport van that will fit the girl's wheel chairs.

The girls were also had their wishes granted from the Make a Wish Foundation.

The next fund-raising event for the Havyn and Hadly will be a quarter auction on April 10 at 2 p.m. in the Carterville Community Center at 120 North Greenbriar Road in Carterville, Ill.

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