Is your child financially independent?

When is the right time to let your kids be financially independent?

(KFVS) - Parents, are you financially supporting your older children? What's a good age to "cut them off?"

After getting opinions on Facebook, a majority of people said at 16 years old, your child should be trying to get a part-time job. At 18 years old, the majority of people said your child should be mostly supporting themselves. A financial expert said everyone is different and there is no set age.

Candice Hamilton is a mother of two, and ever since her kids were young, she's always tried to instill in them the meaning of hard work.

"A dollar is just a dollar to a nine year-old... But what's it take to get that dollar? 'What's Mom or Dad got to do to get that for you?" Hamilton said. "So, if you want that dollar, what do you gotta do to help Mom and Dad, and earn that from them?"

Hamilton said her family writes down their expectations on a board in order to communicate their goals as a family.

"We teach the value of a dollar. I'm not gonna give it to you, you have to earn it. So that's how we've always done it. If you want something, you earn it. We started that at about 7 or 8 years old."

Certified Financial Planner Derieck Hodges said the best thing you can do is tell your kids your financial expectations.

"For a lot of families there's one overriding issue... sometimes it's just not communicating about money issues," Hodges said. "Most of us have goals, [but] often times we don't write them down and make them specific."

Hodges said sometimes doing something that seems so simple can turn into a bigger issue. For example, if there's not set boundaries then sometimes the boundaries can grow larger than you are comfortable with and evolve into a tense issue with families."

Hamilton said once her kids are out of the house, they have made an adult choice to be financially independent.

"If you choose to move out, you're choosing you're an adult, you're paying your own way."

But from the Facebook comments, not every person is the same.

One commenter says the age of their children is irrelevant, and that they'll always try to help them stay afloat:


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