Jackson sisters continue sibling rivalry on the field

Jackson sisters continue sibling rivalry on the field

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - You'd be hard pressed to find siblings that aren't competitive to some extent. It's no different for Jackson sisters Logan and Lauren Welker...only the two get to settle their sibling rivalry on the soccer field.

"Oh yeah we're always competing with each other," Logan said.

"Soccer is just, well, part of it," Lauren added.

Logan is a senior defensive back at Saxony Lutheran. Lauren is a sophomore forward at Jackson.

The two schools (and the Welker sisters) competed against one another in a regular season match-up, Tuesday night, March 29.

"We're always competitive and we're going to play our hardest no matter who we're playing against," Logan said.

"Our whole team just has a rivalry with the school and being sisters just makes it better," Lauren said.

Both girls have played soccer from a young age, and after graduating 8th grade, the girls' parents let each choose which high-school they wanted to attend.

They knew the match-up was a possibility when Lauren chose Jackson.

"I knew it was going to have to come sometime or another we'd have to play each other," Logan said.

"I look forward to it," Lauren said.

The girls' mother, Sherry Welker, of course supports both girls and does her best to not choose sides when they play.

"I'm just in white, neutral." Welker said at Tuesday's game. "And I'm sitting on the 50-yard line."

Normally, she said, they have each other's back.

"They're competitive but also supportive of each other. They go to each other's games and cheer each other on."

But the girls said that won't be the case come game time.

"I won't say anything to her, she is on the other team, I am on my team, we'll talk after," Logan said.

"I'll just let the game do the talking," Lauren joked.

The girls know it's all in good fun and just another way to settle the age-old sibling score.

Their final words to each other before opening kick?

"Good luck."

Jackson went on to win the close game 3-2 in penalty kicks.

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