A Place to Call Home: Tristin

A Place to Call Home: Tristin

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Five-year-old Tristin is a happy boy who loves to swim.

"He also loves to go outside and play, he swings and plays on the slide," said Robert Trankle.

Robert Trankle is Tristin's foster parent.

Robert and his wife have fostered around 150 children. They are in the process of adopting three children.

Tristin came to the Trankle's about year ago.

"Everyday there's something new that he does or he says," said Trankle. "He just doesn't progress rapidly, but he does progress steadily."

Tristin faces more challenges than most of us can even imagine. Most noticeably, he is blind.

"He's one of the 20 percent that sees no light at all," said Trankle.

While frustrating and difficult, he doesn't let it stop him.

Tristin goes to school and also has weekly therapy sessions to help him learn and grow.

He enjoys pool therapy, and just sees it as fun and not therapy.

He also just started horse therapy, and at first was a little scared. However, once he touches the horse and remembers the sensation then he gets excited as he knows what is about to happen next.

"He's becoming more independent and becoming more risk taking all the time," said Trankle.

Tristin needs a permanent family.

"He's an easy child to take care of and he just requires your full attention," said Trankle.

Robert cares deeply for Tristin.

"The one thing I don't want to see is for him to be living in an institution."

He believes a family environment is what Tristin needs.

"He loves life so much, and needs somebody to love him," said Trankle.

Trankle said Tristin just requires a little extra patience and time.

"He is well worth all the time and attention it takes to provide his needs," said Trankle.

To find out more about how you can help Tristin or other children we have featured, call 1-800-554-2222.

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