WATCH OUT: Spring cleaning could disrupt brown recluse spiders

Brown recluse spiders could be lurking during your spring cleaning

MISSOURI (KFVS) - 'Tis the season for spring cleaning.

It also means the brown recluse spiders could be lurking where you are touching.

According to Kansas State University, the creepy crawlers tend to be out and about during the warmer months.

Thankfully, they like to remain out of site, hence the spider's name

However, when they strike, the spider's bite can be painful.

"The brown recluse spider's bite can be kind of a nasty one," Holly Schwarting said, who works in the Department of Entomology at Kansas State University. "Their venom contains a material that causes our tissue to break down, so it can create a lesion and a slow healing wound."

Usually, the creepy crawlers are out and about during the night since they are nocturnal hunters.

When fully grown, the spider, legs included, can reach the size of a quarter or half-dollar. It does not spin a web.

Watch out though, Schwarting said you might find them in shoes, boxes, or piles of clothing if you are rummaging around your basement or garage.

That is why she says the best practice is to wear leather gloves if you plan on doing some spring cleaning. It is good protection from those nasty bites.

Of course, make sure to shake out any shoes or coats before you wear them.

And now might be the time to place glue traps around your home.

The key to remember, Schwarting says, just be aware of where you are reaching.

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