Easter is getting more expensive, analysis says

Easter is getting more expensive, analysis says

(KFVS) - If you're hunting for Easter eggs Sunday morning, you might be hunting for extra cash after all of your holiday spending.

Americans are expected to spend more than $17 billion on Easter this year and that's jump from last year.

That money will be spent on candy, Easter clothing, gifts and Easter dinner.

According to Wallet Hub, the prices of chocolate and sugar have increased by about 15% over last year.

Some families shared with me their plans this weekend to save a few dollars.

"Instead of buying candy and like the big stuffed animals, I'd rather do just cheap," said Tiffany Weathers of Cape Girardeau. "I don't like to spend big. I get the cheap baskets and the cheap stuffed animals and instead of candy I do crackers and snacks like that. Family and time is more important than spending big."

Now, there is some good news.

Commuters getting ready for the holiday travel may have noticed that the prices at the pump have been on the rise lately.

Triple AAA , however, say that despite rising prices, holiday commuters will still enjoy the cheapest gas prices in 12 years.

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