Food bank asking for help ahead of possible food stamp cuts

Food bank asking for help ahead of possible food stamp cuts

Thousands of people who receive SNAP Benefits or Food Stamps could lose their benefits as early as April 1.

Southeast food bank houses thousands of pounds of food for families in southeast Missouri, but with the news of families possibly losing food stamps, they are asking for your help.

"Our food bank partner programs and partner agencies here in southeast Missouri serve 60,000 and an estimated 74% of those are on food stamps," Jennifer Wood said.

Wood is the chief development officer at the Southeast Food Bank. She said with more families possibly losing food stamps, they're preparing to feed more families.

"It would not only mean a significant need for clients," she said. "But also a deeper need, so household will be needing even more food."

Last year, Missouri lawmakers shot down Governor Nixon's veto to pass a bill to shorten the amount of time families can receive government benefits.

On April 1st, 30,000 families in Missouri could lose their food stamps because of that bill.

Walt Wildman is an organizer for Empower Missouri. He said that could leave those people depending on food banks to feed their families.

"It's very important to not just see a number and ay oh my goodness, Wildman said. "To realize that are real people in Southeast Missouri who are going to be stressed out and trying to feed their families."

Wildman said the amount of hardship this will put on Southeast Missouri families is devastating.

"In an already hard situation and stressful situation and you already trying to feed your family," he said."A source of assistance for that effort is cut out, it does cause a great deal of stress."

Wood said she encourages everyone to donate if they can, even if it's as little as one dollar.

"Every one dollar we multiply to make four meals worth," Wood said. "So anything that you can give or any food you can provide will be wonderful."

To donate to Southeast Food Bank, click here.

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