Easter lilies can be toxic to cats

Easter lilies can be toxic to cats

MURPHYSBORO, IL (KFVS) - The Easter lily is popular this time of year, but can be quite hazardous to your cat.

"Yes, it is very toxic," the Murphysboro Cinnamon Lane florist, Nikole Smith-Ebersohl said. "But not just the Easter lilies, all lilies are."

Smith-Ebersohl says it's not just a certain part of the lily that's toxic, but all of it that can impact your pet's health if you're a cat owner.

She recommends staying away from certain cut flowers as well, as they can also be harmful to your pet.

"Plants like Baby's Breath, carnations, iris," she said.

She says there are other popular alternatives that won't affect your cat's health.

"Plants that are not toxic would be your African violets, spider plants, succulents, things like that," she said.

If your cat does come into contact with an Easter lily, it is recommended to call a veterinarian immediately.

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