Tuition hike approved at SIU

Tuition hike approved at SIU

EDWARDSILLE, IL (KFVS) - A tuition increase at SIU will now go into effect in fall of 2016.

A 3 percent tuition increase for the Carbondale campus was approved at a Board of Trustees Meeting in Edwardsville on March 24.

A 9 percent increase was approved for the Edwardsville campus.

The administration says fees on the Carbondale campus will not be affected by Thursday's increase.

University leaders say the hike is to stay competitive as an institution, as it faces ongoing budget concerns.

The school reported enrollment declines for the past couple of years, and in recent weeks, the administration has discussed how to deal with a proposed $22 million reduction in state funding.

"If you're losing out on 22 million dollars, it's gonna be hard to take that out of students pockets," said SIU Freshman Joshua Cargille.

Another topic at Thursday's Trustee meeting was funding for the Monetary Award Program; better known as "MAP Grants."

With no budget,  the state is not giving students financial aid they were already approved for by the grant.

SIU is footing the bill for now, but if the state doesn't pay back the university, students may be asked to return that money, which is valued at several thousand dollars for some low-income students.

A decision on the matter is yet to be made.

"It's gonna be really tough for families if they end up having to give that money back," said SIU Campus visitor Drew Tewrksbury.

If the state doesn't pay back the university, and the university does not ask students to pay back the money, the university will be forced to "eat the funds."

Tewrksbury was on campus on Thursday touring campus with his family, and judging whether or not SIU would be considered an option for his high-school-aged daughter, Maggie.

"Are they gonna get time to pay back those MAP Grants? Hopefully some long-term plan...but either way, we're all hoping the state can pay them back. It's an obligation they... the state made, and to retract on it is pretty irresponsible."

University leaders say they believe the Illinois impasse is a contributing factor to declining enrollment.

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