Students showcase animals, equipment at Shawnee HS Ag Day

Students showcase animals, equipment at Shawnee HS Ag Day

WOLF LAKE, IL (KFVS) - Shawnee High School celebrated Agriculture Day by letting students showcase what agriculture means to them.

Today's lesson at Shawnee High School doesn't come around often. Students ranging from pre-k to high school got to walk around and experience different areas in agriculture, ranging from tractors to farm animals.

"A lot of times these kids have not actually came face to face encounter with actual animals or equipment sometime this is the first time," High School Agriculture Ann Ochs said.

Senior Alexis Charles, who's spent her entire life living and working with goats, brought one to educate other students.

"Some kids have said they've never seen goats before you know, they've been really interested," Charles said.

For Junior, Abby Cripps, it was something really new to hold a baby duck for the first time.

"They're so cute and I'm not really much of a farm animal type of person, so I'm surprised," Cripps said.

TJ Foeste brought his 14 pound Satin Rabbit (called Brownie) to school. Another student drove his family's antique tractor to school, which has been around since 1954. And one girl, who brought her family tractor, hopes she will be able to come back to the farm and help the family business after college.

There were project tables for agriculture science, farm animals, and the advancement of technology, when it came to tractors, to showcase opportunities in the industry.

For the younger children, Ochs says she got to see them experience things for the first time.

"The kids are like 'it laid an egg!' It's like that realization eggs comes from chickens and a lot of that you know really does help."

Alexis is in her last year of school and says she enjoyed getting to pass down what she knows about agriculture.

"It makes me feel good just being able to teach the kids about the goats and it's fun seeing the younger generations growing up learning the things we've learned through the years."

Ochs says students of all ages had a lot to gain from the experience. She says the older students were able to practice their leadership and public speaking ability and their way to pass on knowledge that they've learned in these agriculture classes.

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