This week in music: 1965

This week in music: 1965

(KFVS) - Let's take a stroll down our musical memory lane.

This morning we check out the music scene from this week in 1965.

Billboard Magazine's Hot 100 had Herman's Hermits at number five with Can't You Hear My Heart Beat.

In the number four spot was a country cross-over hit by Roger Miller. King of the Road told the story of a hobo who enjoys his freedom.  Miller got the first line to the song as he was driving and saw a sign on the side of a barn that said "trailers for sale or rent".

Jewel  Akens was in the number three spot with The Birds and the Bees.

At number two was The Supremes with one of their most popular hits. Stop! In the Name of Love would go on to become the group's fourth number one hit.

And speaking of number one.  This week in '65 had The Beatles at the top of the charts with Eight Days a Week.  Paul McCartney says the inspiration for the song came from Ringo Starr who was noted for his strange sayings like  A Hard Day's Night and Tomorrow Never Knows.

That's the songs being played on the radio this week 51 years ago.

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