Hopeful beer drinker applies for World of Beer internship

Hopeful beer drinker applies for World of Beer internship

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - How would you like to travel all over the world, try different beer and get paid for it?

That's exactly what one Southeast Missouri State student is trying to do.

Logan Carwile is from Dexter, Mo., is one of many that will apply for the World of Beer internship.

The franchise focuses on craft beer and came up with the idea of calling the position a "drink it intern."

Carwile said this internship is right up his alley.

"It's been less than 24 hours and I already have people asking me 'when's the video going to be done, when's the video going to be done, i'm ready for it. So yeah, I've gotten a lot of great support and feedback so far."

Carwile says it's a pretty easy process - all you have to do is fill out an application, upload a one minute video about why you would be the perfect candidate, and tell everyone to share your video.

Carwile worked on his video at Minglewood Brewery in Cape Girardeau and is sharing his video clips all over social media to try to be recognized before the Saturday deadline.

"Everyone so far they've loved it, I've gotten a lot of support from my Facebook friends my family I've gotten a lot of texts, calls, saying awe i love the video I can't wait till it's done," Carwile said.

He says if he gets this internship, during his down time he would like to spend it promoting Missouri's beer scene.

Carwile says the franchise will decide the interns by the beginning of April of 2016.

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