How to talk to your child about healthy body image

Tips: How to talk with your child about body image

(KFVS) - Social media and peer pressure are just a couple of things that can affect a child's body image.

One therapist said children insecurities with their body image is problem that is happening all too often.

"It's almost a norm to see not only young children with it, but young adults too," Deborah Lagrand said

Lagrand is a therapist in Sikeston. She said when your child shows you insecurities about their body type, it's important to address them.

"Those are invitations for parents to check out and see whats going on and open up dialogue about it," she said.

But unfortunately, many parents don't.

Studies show younger children are becoming more insecure about their body types with social media being a huge factor.

So, how can you keep your child positive about their body types?

  • Have a positive attitude about yourself. Your emotions reflect on your children!
  • Don’t discuss weight. Instead, talk about health and healthier lifestyle options.
  • Make sure your kids play outside!

"Encourage kids to get out and be active," Lagrand said. "Not with the idea of putting body shaming on them, but just with the idea of you'll feel better if you do."

Tammy Deen is a mother of three. She said when she talks to her teenager, she encourages her daughter to find happiness within herself.

"Teaching her to always communicate with me," Deen said. "Be open with me and that she's perfect just the way she is and don't judge yourself on what everybody else is saying and what everyone else look like."

Another helpful tip is working out with your child, not necessarily to lost weight, but to live a healthier lifestyle.

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