Scott Co. man facing charges for using loaded handgun as a hammer at school

Scott Co. man facing charges for using loaded handgun as a hammer at school

BENTON, MO (KFVS) - A Sikeston man is facing charges of unlawfully using a weapon and endangering the welfare of children after allegedly using a handgun as a hammer while around a group of juveniles.

Police were informed that a man carried a loaded gun onto the grounds of Kelly Schools in Benton, Mo., at a 4H meeting where several people, including juveniles, were congregating.

Witnesses say the man, identified as Jeffrey Kyle Grubbs, had pulled out the gun and began using it as a hammer while working on a school project with the juveniles.

Police made contact with Grubbs at his home in Sikeston and took the gun. Grubbs agreed to go to the Scott County Sheriff's Office for an interview.

Police say the gun had bullets loaded into the magazine but no rounds were chambered.

During the interview at the Sheriff's Office, Grubbs admitted to bringing the gun, while loaded, onto school grounds, and that while attempting to drive a thumbtack into a wooden plaque, he pulled the gun out and used the butt as a hammer.

He says that after hammering the thumbtack a handful of times, he felt compelled to unload the gun.

That's when he unloaded the magazine, put the bullets in his pocket, and continued using the gun as a hammer.

According to witnesses, two juveniles were near Grubbs when he was hammering before he removed the bullets, and his two children were at a table behind him.

It was acknowledged that if the gun had gone off, four juveniles could have potentially been injured.

Video of the incident was obtained by police that were consistent with what the witnesses told police.

Grubbs has been charged with unlawful use of a weapon and endangering the welfare of a child.

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