Bored with your workout? Think outside the gym

Need motivation? Think outside the gym

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Taking your workout routine outside the gym could help you stay motivated to reach your fitness goals.

Fitness trainer Tamatha Crowson says do not be afraid to switch it up a little.

Crowson suggests the park or playground and use what is around you.

For example, to work your chest and triceps, use the park bench to do a push up.

Crowson says she even turns to nature.

"A couple things you can do on this log are step ups," Crowson said. "For the step up, you'll just place one foot up, push all the way up, and step down with the same leg. Make sure you put your whole entire foot on the log and just push up from the heel. And you'll be able to feel it in your entire leg and glut area."

Crowson even used the slide to do dips.

"Keep your tail bone really close to the slide," Crowson said. "All the movement coming from the elbows down and up."

If pull ups are a struggle, a rope bridge can be a great assist.

"You would come down here underneath," said Crowson. "You would take a grip a little bit wider than your shoulders, pull your heels out and then use your legs to support some of your weight, pulling up just like that."

Crowson says just playing at the park can be aerobic. 
"Just get on the swings and go," Crowson said. "When it comes to outdoor workouts creativity is really the key even if you just have to bring your kids to the park and say tag you're it."

If you have a fitness question for Tamatha, send a message to Amanda Hanson on Facebook.

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