Some concerned with music artist's sales tactics in the Heartland

Some concerned with music artist's sales tactics in the Heartland

(KFVS) - Some folks in southeast Missouri and southern Illinois say they're concerned over a suspicious fleet of vans.

They've been spotted in some Heartland communities over the weekend, and some say they were harassed by the people inside.

The tour buses and vans have allegedly made a business selling merchandise affiliated with country/rap artist Mikel Knight at local gas stations and business parking lots.

Tana Lawrence is just one of many residents in the Heartland confused by their arrival.

"I've seen them everywhere and they would literally just go up to every single person they see and it's not just someone who they would think would be interested, think would be interested, it's anybody," she said.

Online comments about the encounters with the street team are mixed. Some say they were approached nicely, but others didn't appreciate the aggressiveness of the team.

Lawrence was with her three-year-old daughter when she said some of the street team members approached her at a truck stop.

"I thought that was strange, so I immediately got to the car quick, put her in, got inside, locked the doors. My mom stood outside waiting for my brother in case they decided to do something strange."

This raises questions about what to do if you see them in your area.

"We got a lot of calls," she said.

Scott County Sheriff Rick Walter says if you're approached by someone on the street who makes you uncomfortable, he recommends you walk away and call authorities.

"What I would like to do is find out when they are in our area and interview them and see exactly what they are doing and what their goals are and who all is involved," said Sheriff Walter.

We reached out to Mikel Knight and his team about their sales tactics several times, but they have not yet responded to our questions.

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