MO Dept. of Conservation launches new permit program

MO Dept. of Conservation changing permit system

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The Missouri Department of Conservation kicked off its new permit program for businesses on Tuesday, March 15.

All businesses across the state are transferring to the new system, and starting on Tuesday it will no longer issue the yellow permits.

Buchheit was one of the stores to get rid of its old permit machine.

Cape Girardeau County Conservation Agent Ben Stratton said the biggest change is fixing outdated systems.

"The department needed a change because the old phone based systems were outdated and it was just time to upgrade," Stratton said. "The online system is more reliable, and quicker, it's just going to be a lot more convenient for the public to obtain their permits."

After issuing a permit with the new system for the first time on Tuesday morning, Buchheit HR Manager Lori Miget said the new program will allow them to reach a lot more customers, faster in its stores.

The store plans on issuing permits in one location, in the store, but she said they will allow other check-out lanes to help issue permits if needed.

"I think it will be faster, because it's online, and you don't have to wait for a machine or any issues with connection issues with a machine," Miget said. "One of the good things about it is we can void, like if we need to void something or go back and print it, we can a lot easier than we used to be able to."

Miget thinks permit buyers will benefit from the new process.

"I think it will go quicker, especially whenever a new season comes around," she said. "I think it will go a lot quicker, and smoother, and they will be able to get their tags and come in faster and go hunt and fish, or whatever they want to do."

Some people are used to the printed permit already, if they usually get theirs online, at home. But, some customers might miss the yellow paper.

"I think it probably will save a little bit of money, because it is going to be on paper versus the pre-made rolls of the yellow paper that they used to use," Miget said. "I think it will save a little bit of money."

Miget recommended to try to keep your permit in a plastic bag or in a dry spot. Stratton said using the mobile app or taking a picture of your permit on your phone can also be a way around having to risk damaging your permit.

Stratton said an added bonus is that the new system will save permit buyers some money when they are cashing out at the store.

"With the old system there was a $1 convenience fee every time you bought a permit," he said. "So, with this new system there is no convenience fee. So, it will save them a couple bucks on their permit purchases."

Unlike the old system, once you lost it you had to pay $2 for a new one.

The new system will allow 24 hours to reprint the permit at the location you got it, without a fee.

According to Miget , the system ran pretty smoothly, the department of conservation did say the new the system went down at one point during the day, but it was back up and running after about an hour.

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