Healthy fat brings benefits in the gym

Healthy fat brings benefits in the gym

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Food labels at the grocery store often advertise non-fat or low fat, but certain fats can help encourage weight loss and muscle toning.

"I cannot stress enough," Tamatha Crowson said, a personal trainer in Cape Girardeau. "We have to consume dietary fat in our diets."

Crowson says you should not be scared to include fat in your diet as long as it is the right kind of fat.

"Basically there are three kinds of fats," Crowson said. "We have a saturated fat, we have unsaturated fat and we have trans fats.  We want unsaturated, either mono or poly, either one is fine. The bulk of our fat in our diet should come from those two fats."

Crowson says incorporating unsaturated fat in your diet has its benefits.

"They do things like provide you with energy, boost your brain function, and improve your mood," Crowson said. "There's been some research that shows that some of the unsaturated fats can reduce belly fat.  Your body can not burn fat unless you are consumer the right kinds of fatty acids."

Almonds and avocados are both good examples.

A forth of an avocado is the equivalent to one serving.

Crowson says olive oil is the best kind of oil to use, but suggests purchasing it in a dark container.

"Light and heat can oxidize the oil and make it not as healthy," Crowson said.

Saturated fat should be keep to a minimum in your daily diet.

"That (saturated fat) will raise our cholesterol," Crowson said. "It's in animal fats, in high fat dairy. So no more than 10 percent of our diet should be made up of saturated fats."

Crowson says it's important to pay attention to the label.

"Trans fat is the one to stay away from," Crowson said. "You don't want any trans fat. When you're reading the label, it's not going to say trans fat in the ingredients list. It's going to say something like partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. You see that, run away."

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