Where do they stand? Candidate stats ahead of Tuesday's Primaries

Where do they stand? Candidate stats ahead of Tuesday's Primaries

(KFVS) - Trump and Clinton hold leads in the polls ahead of the Missouri and Illinois primaries, but by varying margins over opponents Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders.

Illinois and Missouri will both partake in the states' primary elections next week, where 4.9 percent of national republican delegates, and 6.8 percent of national democratic delegates are up for grabs.

A candidate is usually required to hold 50 percent or greater of a respective party's delegates to be nominated for that party. The numbers for each party vary, which complicates the process, but it still just boils down to simple percentages.

As of Friday, the Associated Press reports Clinton is expected to walk into Tuesday's primaries with half of what she needs to clinch the Democratic Nomination with 1,223/4765 (or about 25.7 percent) of the national delegates sealed.

Bernie Sanders trails with 574/4765 (or about 12.5 percent).

Illinois Holds 182 (3.8 percent) of the nation's democratic delegates, while Missouri holds 84 (about 3 percent), so a landslide victory for certain candidates on Tuesday could mean a shift in momentum, as well.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump is leading by a smaller margin delegate-wise at 459/2472 (18.57 percent) over Ted Cruz's 360 (14.56 percent).

Marco Rubio holds 152 (6.15 percent), and the remaining republicans hold roughly 2.75 percent, collectively.

In Tuesday's Primaries, 69 (2.8 percent) republican delegates are available in Illinois, while 52 (2.1 percent) are available in Missouri.

The Docking Institute of Public Affairs at Fort Hays State University reports that Trump is leading Cruz in the polls in Missouri 36-29 percent.

Clinton is Leading Sanders 47 percent to 40 percent, according to the same source.

SIU's Paul Simon Public Policy Institute reports Trump leading Cruz 28 percent to 15 percent in Illinois, while Clinton leads Sanders 51 percent to 32 percent.

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