Scott Co. teen now admits bringing handgun to school last fall

Scott Co. teen now admits bringing handgun to school last fall

BENTON, MO (KFVS) - Nineteen-year-old Landon Urhahn now admits he brought a handgun to Kelly High School last November.

Urhahn entered the plea to a felony charge of unlawful use of a weapon at a scheduled court hearing on Thursday morning.

The judge accepted his plea, and found him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Urhahn's also been identified as the teen who brought a loaded gun on school property 17 months earlier.

As we recently reported in an I-Team special report, Robert's parents say Scott County authorities did not do their jobs when they chose not to hold the then 16-year-old Urhahn accountable for bringing a loaded handgun onto school property.

Both Scott County Sheriff Rick Walter and Juvenile Office Attorney Dan Norton call Robert's death a "tragic accident."

Rhonda Robert calls her son's death a series of "tragic mistakes."

Robert reacted to Urhahn's plea in this statement she sent late on Thursday afternoon:

"Our legal system failed to send the right message on June 23, 2014 regarding the death of our son Kaden. We would like to think that if Kaden's death had been processed correctly, Landon Urhahn may not be in this situation and our community would not be questioning the judgment and ability of our local law enforcement. Admitting that a mistake was made, learning from it, and improving processes is the only way to ensure this never happens again while gaining back public trust."

Landon Urhahn could face up to four years in prison, the maximum sentence for a first-time felony offender.

His sentencing is scheduled for May 11.

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