Cosmetics could contain harmful chemicals

Cosmetics could contain harmful chemicals

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Could your cosmetics be contaminating your body?

New research shows many products like make-up contain chemicals that could cause all kinds of health problems.

Pretty much any kind of make-up you can think of, Sandra Halbrook has it, but some things you won't find in her make-up bag are products packed with chemicals.

"The more natural the better. The less chemicals we put in, it's bound to be better for us in the long run," Halbrook said.

She uses Younique brand products, saying they're based on "nature and science.".

That's something new research suggests is a good thing.

According to the study out of the University of California, Berkeley many traditional cosmetics contain harmful chemicals. They can get into your body and cause hormone imbalances, leading to neuro-behavioral problems, obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

Also a nurse, Halbrook says that's a risk she's simply not willing to take.

"When you think about the fact that chemicals enter your body within 26 seconds after you apply your facial products and your make-up, that's pretty quick," Halbrook said.

Others say they've cut down on cosmetics all together. Alana Burke says she goes at least one week a month with no make-up.

As for Halbrook, she says since going to the all-natural make-up, it's a big difference that she can feel.

"Feels light on your skin. It doesn't feel cakey and gummy like some make-up and I'm sure that's the lack of chemicals," Halbrook said.

According to, the chemicals in personal care products aren't as regulated in the United States when compared to other countries. That's why some of your make-up may have chemicals that'd be banned in Europe.

For more information on the products Halbrook uses, visit this website.

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