Legislation would allow alcohol sales at Saluki events

Legislation would allow alcohol sales at Saluki events

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - For decades colleges and universities in Illinois haven't been allowed to sell alcohol at public campus events.

Now, a bill proposed in the Illinois Senate would change that for Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

If passed, the bill could allow SIUC to sell alcohol at concerts and sporting events, according to Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance Kevin Bame.

"This bill would allow the University to sell alcohol at public events that are not student activities," Bame said.

SIUC is contacted several times per year by music artists wanting to perform at university facilities like Saluki Stadium or the SIU Arena. Bame said they are sometimes passed up because state statute prohibits the sale of alcohol.

"I think we have perfect venues for some artists," Bame said.

He also said it could improve safety at events.

Bame said some people drink in excess before the event because alcohol can't be purchased on site. He said the university may have a better hold on consumption if they are making the sales.

"The members of the audience that will drink prior to the event and come in and they'll consume alcohol in excess before they walk into the venue," Bame said. "And that sometimes creates bad behavior for us to deal with."

The legislation will need to clear the Illinois General Assembly and be signed by the Governor. Then the Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees would need to approve a structure for sales to move forward.

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