Does It Work: Recolor by Wipe New

Does It Work: Recolor by Wipe New
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Do you have a few things around your house or garage that doesn't look as nice as it did when you bought them?

Well, a product called Recolor by Wipe New claims one wipe can restore original color and shine instantly, but does it work?

To test this one, we turned to Calvin Brennan of Cape Girardeau. Brennan is retired and has collected a great many things over the years, some of which no longer shine like new.

"We've got an old foot stool here, a hard hat and a lamp," said Brennan. "All of them are looking a little bit dingy."

The commercial for Recolor by Wipe New urges potential buyers to put down the paint brush and stop throwing away things just because they're faded.

The product claims it can restore a factory finish in minutes without painting.

The product's commercial also says a little goes a long way, but Brennan was skeptical that the small 1.5 ounce bottle of Recolor would do all of his projects.

"There's not very much of it," Brennan said.

The small bottle promises to Recolor 100 square feet.

Brennan started by cleaning the two bottom rungs of his footstool as instructed. He put on the chemical-resistant gloves provided in the kit and read the instructions.

The instructions say to coat the surface in a single wipe from one row to the next with a slight overlap as though you are mowing the lawn.

As Brennan was wiping Recolor on the rungs of the footstool one thing became very clear: Recolor stinks.

"It is pretty stinky," said Brennan. "Pretty potent stuff."

In spite of the strong chemical odor, Brennan was happy with the results.

"It does look better, compared to the rest of it," said Brennan.

Next, Brennan tested Recolor out on an old forest worker's hard hat. Brennan wasn't happy that Recolor smeared some of the color from a sticker on the hat, though.

"It kind of smudged that a bit," said Brennan. "It is making it shiny, but boy it took the print off."

Still, Brennan was pleased with Recolor's ability to instantly change the surface of his hard hat from dingy to shiny.

"That's pretty cool," said Brennan. "That's a lot shinier. Boy, it smells bad though."

Brennan decided he wanted to Recolor other objects in his yard, so he tested the product out on a plastic kayak, a metal wheelbarrow, and a large plastic tub. In every case, Recolor did restore shine to the finish.

"On the hard hat and the kayak it made it really shiny," said Brennan.

Two days later, Mother Nature helped further put the product to the Does It Work test. Brennan said the areas he treated with Recolor did repel water when left out in the rain.

Over all, Brennan said he was pleased with the ease of use, the lack of mess and performance of the product.

"If you had a small project I think it would be great," Brennan said.

The only thing Brennan was not pleased with about Recolor by Wipe New was the price, and it would appear you're paying for convenience.

We purchased the Recolor for this test for $19.99 on Amazon. Brennan said the projects could be completed using a spray can of clear coat, but would have made a much bigger mess.

Brennan gave Recolor by Wipe New 4 stars on this Does It Work test.

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