Heartland News Now: 2016 Food Trends

Heartland News Now: 2016 Food Trends
(Source: KFVS)
(Source: KFVS)

(KFVS) - Registered dietitian Christa Hudson is back on Heartland News Now to talk about food trends for 2016.

Four of the top trends include:

  • Sprouted grains
  • Pulses
  • Fermented foods/Probiotics
  • Savory yogurts

Sprouting creates enzymes that make plant proteins, essential fatty acids, starches and vitamins more available for absorption.

In addition to chips and crackers, you also can expect a wider variety of sprouted food products.

Several companies, including the "Kashi" cereal Christa brought along, now sell sprouted grain products, including grain cereals, snack bars, and rice and risotto mixes.

Pulses are lentils, dry peas, dry beans, and chickpeas – part of the legume family, but they are harvested for their dried seed.

They are naturally low in fat, high in fiber, and provide a good source of protein.

Pulses are now being found in snack bars and snacking crisps, in prepackaged salads with edamame and roasted soy nuts, and in soups.

Christa roasted chickpeas with some olive oil, salt and cayenne pepper.

Probiotics have been around for a while in yogurts and yogurt-like products, but we are starting to see probiotic-fortified foods and beverages, such as orange juice, cereals, baked goods, and even butter and waters.

Research suggests that probiotics may be helpful in treating symptoms of depression.

Many companies are hopping on the savory yogurt trend.

Christa brought along some examples from "Chobani," including their sriracha mango and chipotle pineapple flavors.

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