Man Charged with Trooper's Murder

Man Charged with Trooper's Murder
By: Ryan Tate
Van Buren, MO - Lance Shockley faces first degree murder and armed criminal action charges in the shooting death of Missouri Highway Patrol Sargeant Dewayne Graham.
Shockley walked into the Carter County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon, wearing an orange jump suit, shackled, and surrounded by troopers. Shockley also faces charges of leaving the scene of a fatal accident in November of 2004 in Carter County. That investigation was led by Sargeant Graham.
"I felt some relief," Carl Graham said. Graham is Dewayne's father. The highway patrol doesn't make an arrest unless they know for sure. I just hope they can get to the bottom of it."
According to the Associated Press, the probable cause affidavit in the case states that ballistics show a 22-caliber bullet pulled from Sgt. Graham's body and a 22-calliber bullet found at Shockley's home "conclusively revealed that both were fired from the same firearm."
"I never had any doubt they would arrest someone," Carl Graham said. "You better be quick and fast to get away from the Highway Patrol, and even then you won't get away. [Dewayne] was a brother to all of them."