Design teams present new Cape Girardeau Police Station concepts to public

Design teams present new Cape Girardeau Police Station concepts to public

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Two teams vying to design and build the new Cape Girardeau Police Station and Municipal Court building presented their qualifications and proposals to the public and city leaders on Monday, March 7.

The teams were chosen from four project teams that submitted proposals to the city. The two remaining finalists were selected by a committee.

The first project team to present its qualifications and concept was comprised of Penzel and Holland construction companies, and FGM and Dille Traxel Architectural firms. The team stressed the importance of quality control and remaining within budget.

The Penzel/Holland/FGM/Dille Traxel team unveiled four project concepts as options for the city's consideration.

The first concept utilized the existing building military building at 2530 Maria Louise Lane, The team suggested creating two separate entrances: one for the police department, and one from the municipal court.

The team's second concept offered a smaller, reduced option by combining the two entrances while maintaining the secure areas and still utilizing the existing structure.

Options three and four suggested demolishing the current building and constructing a new facility from the ground up. The team's fourth concept was a smaller, but still new building to lower costs to meet budget.

The second project team, Kiefner Brothers, Chiodini, & GGA, cited local ties to Cape Girardeau and the team's vested interest in staying within the city's $11 million project budget.

The Kiefner team stated its goals as carrying out the project as efficiently as possible and fast-tracking the project to complete the building earlier than anticipated.

The team stated renovating the current building could be more costly than building a new police station.

The teams took questions from the public and city leaders. The question of seismic building codes was raised and both teams stated the current building would require extensive renovations to be able to withstand an earthquake.

One of the teams stated it had already completed a cost analysis on reinforcements needed to the building and found the cost per square foot could be twice as expensive to retrofit the old building to bring it up to seismic safety codes.

Cape Girardeau Mayor Harry Rediger said the city has a very specific budget and will be working with the teams to select the design-build contractor in the near future.

The City of Cape Girardeau’s blog states staff will make its final recommendation to the city council by March 21.

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