Who needs the gym? Try the "backpack workout"

Who needs the gym? Try the "backpack workout"
Source: KFVS (quad workout)
Source: KFVS (quad workout)
Souree: KFVS (squat workout)
Souree: KFVS (squat workout)

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - If you are intimidated by the gym or just can't afford a gym membership, there are things you can do from the comfort of home to get a decent workout.

Fitness trainer Tamatha Crowson says there is all kinds of things use can use around the house to enhance a fitness routine.

"Dips are a great thing to do off of a chair," Tamatha said. "You just sit on the edge of the chair almost on your hands, bend your elbows and press right back up."

There's also the "backpack workout."

"I discovered year ago that I could fill a backpack with cans," Tamatha said. "These are great because they are about one pound each.  So, I can add or remove cans based on the exercise I am doing and how much weight I want to use."

To work the quad muscle, Tamatha suggests sitting in a chair with a pillow or towel under the working leg, drape the bag over the lower leg, hold the straps and extend your knee.

The backpack can also be used to work the tricep muscle located on the back upper arm.

Shorten the straps and lean forward placing one hand on a chair.

In a lunging position, use the other arm to hold the backpack and bend your elbow pulling the backpack just underneath your rib cage.

The backpack is can also be a useful tool to add as extra weight while doing squats.

Tamatha says the biggest obstacle to overcome when you're working out at home is all the distractions, but setting aside 30 minutes a day could help make a difference.

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