Developers create app to cut emergency response time

Developers create app to cut emergency response time

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - As more people cut their landlines and use their cell phones, 911 dispatch centers across Missouri are trying to figure out just how to find you in a time of emergency.

That's why a group of developers are now creating an app that will make it easier for dispatchers to find you.

The St. Louis-based developers have created an app called SirenGPS and will be used to send a more accurate location when someone needs emergency assistance.

The app developers say the app will reduce the emergency response time by as much as 40 percent.

Counties across Missouri have struggled for years to upgrade their 911 systems primarily because dispatch locations only receive tax revenue from landlines.

For that reason, Missouri lawmakers are pushing a bill addressing ways dispatch centers can start receiving tax dollars from cell phone users.

We spoke with leaders in Butler County who said, with dispatch funds low, apps like this are helpful.

"I think anything that will help response time," chief of communications Brian Kirbey said. "Being able to locate someone in a timely manner would definitely be a good thing no matter where you are."

"It just depends on how they set up their app if it makes sense to us at that certain period of time," emergency management director Robbie Myers said.

While developers and lawmakers are figuring out ways to make dispatches more accurate, the FCC plans to improve its standards over the next five years.

This app on the other hand is currently being tested first in the St. Louis area.

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