The cost of swearing in a British town

English community attaches monetary fine to public swearing

(KFVS) - People in one British town now face fines for swearing. But have they gone too far?

It's a bizarre measure meant to curb a bad habit.

Forcing folks to pay up when they mouth off.

Some feel it's become harder and harder to filter foul language.

What might feel like instantaneous relief, could end up costing you.

In a town in Northwest England, swearing means expensive penalties, $127 on the first offense.

But the British town isn't the only one with a cursing agenda.

In St. Charles, Missouri, a proposal to ban cursing in bars took effect in 2009.

In Memphis, Tennessee, public safety officers are policing profanity as part of their everyday duties.

The rule goes as far as charging someone a $1,400  fine if convicted in court.

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