Afternoon Newsletter: Thursday, March 3

Afternoon Newsletter: Thursday, March 3

Good afternoon. Here's a look at what's going on in your world today.

DREARY WEATHER: Heavy rains should move out of the Heartland this afternoon, with a few light sprinkles overnight. But, a warmer, dryer weekend is in store. CLICK HERE for your full First Alert Forecast.

NEW DETAILS: RIVER CHANGING COURSE? Aside from the damage left behind by the New Year Flood, there is a major concern about the Mississippi River in Alexander County. The Corps of Engineers say it's possible it could change paths in parts of the Heartland, and that could mean big problems for river traffic. The latest is on Heartland News at 6.

WATCH: ROBBERS RIP DOORS OFF GUN STORE: A bold group of 10 people are caught on surveillance footage pulling the doors off the front of a Houston gun store. Police say they stole several handguns and rifles.  WATCH the full video here.

ABORTION DEBATE: The Supreme Court continues to wrestle over a controversial abortion case, which could close all but 10 abortion clinics in the state of Texas. CLICK HERE for the latest in the debate.

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