Sikeston Main St. business owners raise concerns over possible name change

Sikeston Main St. business owners raise concerns over possible name change

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - Some Sikeston business owners expressed concern about a pubic proposal that would rename Main Street to Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

The request came at Monday's city council meeting from the community group, And Justice for All.

Group president Larry McClellon said the name change would show unity in the city.

"Respect," McClellon said. "We want a little respect and I think that it is a way to start healing. Sikeston has so many scars. It's pitiful."

Business owners with shops on Main St., like Jeremiah Quick, have some concerns.

"That's going to affect everybody up and down this street, you're talking a lot of money," Quick said.

Quick said items like business cards, letterheads and mandated licenses would all need to be updated if a change is made.

"We're not just talking a few hundred bucks to get something done, it's quite a bit," he said.

Owner of 1:18 Autoworx, Ronnie Wallace, agrees.

"It'd be like moving."

The owners said the group's message could be accomplished in a better way.

"I just think we could do something more beneficial to the community," Wallace said.

"I don't think people are so much against the name change, as they are against the cost it will take to change this street," Quick said.

In response to the owners' concerns, McClellon said the group is not asking for much.

"We really need to try and heal Sikeston," McClellon said.

Sikeston mayor, Steven Burch, said there will be another meeting soon to discuss what options are available.

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