Soy-Diesel Making it to the Heartland

Soy-Diesel Making it to the Heartland
By:  Ryan Tate

Paducah, KY -- A Paducah gas station owner wants to help local farmers. He also wants to help the environment. At least that is what Bob Hill of "Kentucky Tobacco Outlet" says are the reasons why he switched from diesel fuel to soy diesel.

"I'd much rather sell something from a Kentucky Farmer than an export of some kind," Hill said.

The fuel is one-third soy diesel and two-thirds regular diesel. Hill does not know how much he has sold so far, but says there is a market for it.

"A customer called from the interstate after hearing I offered it, and says he only uses biodiesel. He put in about 200 dollars worth of gas. I probably wouldn't have made the sale without it," Hill said.

But there are some drawbacks according to a study by the Penn State University Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department. It states that "diesel engines will run on soy-diesel for the short-term until you experience the fouling of fuel injectors." The study goes on to say that not all companies will honor a warranty if soy-diesel is used in the engine.

Hill says he wants to use the product for coming years.

"I'm going to go with it. I think people will see the benefits. This is just the start."