John A. Logan employees receive notice of impending layoffs

John A. Logan cuts programs amid Illinois Impasse
Employee notice (Source: Angela Calcaterra)
Employee notice (Source: Angela Calcaterra)

CARTERVILLE, IL (KFVS) - Dozens of tenured faculty, non-tenured faculty and staff members at John A. Logan College in Carterville received notice on Monday, Feb. 29 their jobs were on the chopping block.

The earliest any of approximately 55 layoffs will be finalized will be Wednesday, March 2nd at a special trustee meeting, according to the meeting's agenda.

John A. Logan College history professor David Cochran and his wife Angela Calcaterra both received letters Monday telling them they will be recommended for dismissal at the special meeting.

The couple boasts a collective 33 years at the college.

"To me that is the heart and soul of the college." Cochran said in reference to the employees of the college. "To me, I don't think the administration and board of trustees are thinking this through. [...] To me, this is going to do damage to the college for far into the future."

The letter goes on to say that employees might be called back to their positions should the financial situation of the college improve.

College President Ronald House said in the notice the actions are "A direct result of the failure of the state of Illinois to pass a budget."

The state is now facing its eighth month without a budget.

A college spokesman said House is preparing more detailed comments which are expected to be released within the following week.

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