Heartland on high alert for fire danger

Heartland on high alert for fire danger

(KFVS) - The wind on Sunday made the threat of fire very real across the Heartland.

While some departments put out burn bans, other counties did not. But the wind was a factor everywhere, causing the National Weather Service in Paducah to send out wind alerts and a high level fire threat alert.

Fire stations across the Heartland sat at the edge of their seats waiting to get paged out on a call.

In Illinois, a very large field fire erupted that had crews tied up battling it for hours. The Harrisburg Fire Department said the wind there was a major contributor.

In Scott County, Missouri, there was light wind damage reported but no calls for fires as of mid afternoon.

However, Scott County is not a stranger to wind fed fires. Just last year they fought a house fire near Miner. The wind was so bad that it carried embers to a house and field three doors down and caught fire there.

On Sunday, the fire department displayed how quickly a fire could spread on these type of conditions.

Firefighters at Scott County Rural set a pile of leaves on fire. In seconds it spread quickly due to the wind.

Firefighters quickly extinguished the flames with water they had on hand.

Chief Jeremy Perrien said it could take a split second for a fire to get out of control in these weather conditions. They have been fortunate so far that people have seemed to realize it's not good conditions to burn right now.

Perrien also feels the climate changing back and forth from cold weather to warmer weather is a problem too.

While there is growth and greener grass popping up, Perrien feels that vegetation is also drying up some when we get a cold spell causing the probability of more fuel for a fire.

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