MO Sen. Blunt backs bill to protect Missourians from fraud, ID theft

MO Sen. Blunt backs bill to protect Missourians from fraud, ID theft

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt cosponsored the Spoofing Prevention Act to help prevent victim's personal information from being stolen by false caller ID's.

The bill includes provisions previously offered by Blunt in the Caller ID Scam Prevention Act of 2014 to expand existing anti-spoofing laws to encompass current technology, enhancing identity theft and fraud protections for Missourians.

"Just as technology has evolved, so too have the tactics scammers use to steal personal information and defraud unwitting victims," Blunt said.

"Using false caller ID information, criminals are able to conceal where they are calling from and impersonate a bank, law enforcement agency, retailer, or other trusted source to obtain personally identifiable information. This measure builds on current law to better protect consumers, especially seniors, against these 'spoofing' scams. It is a critical tool to aid fraud prevention efforts, and I use all of my colleagues to support it."

The president signed a Truth in Caller ID Act in 2010 making it illegal for anyone to call using a false caller ID for harmful purposes.

The Spoofing Prevention Act updates that law to cover text messages and Internet-based voice services and international calls.

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